Cherry Picking for ON NET Savings

Are you ON NET? It is a simple question that could save you a lot of money on your voice and data expenses. As the telecom industry has evolved over the years, the choice of networks available to the consumer is enormous. Most customers can go to their current carrier and get services for any of their locations across the country. The problem with that scenario is that each market is different for each carrier. Every carrier has their core network that they own and provide services from. If your building is within this footprint, they can offer you very aggressive pricing. If you are not on their network, they can still get you the services but the pricing is not nearly as good. For example, you could find that one of your locations is ON NET for Verizon and your T1 is below $300.00 but at another location you are OFF NET and the price jumps to $450.00 or higher. That OFF NET location for Verizon may be ON NET for AT&T or Qwest

If a customer has a blind faith relationship with their carrier, they are likely paying far too much for their services in those areas that are OFF NET. If the goal is Telecom Expense Management then the single carrier model does not work. The customer that is making TEM a priority needs to look at each location as an individual entity and find the best of breed (cost or technology) for that location. This “cherry picking” strategy can offer total telecom savings well in excess of 20% annually. SALES PITCH ALERT!!! – My customers get this best of breed offering across the nation and we add the additional benefit on bringing it to them on a single monthly bill and web portal. We act like a mini “RFP” for every city. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. At least I warned you.

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