Get Rid of “Misc. Telecom”

I was having a conversation with a prospective customer the other day. As we discussed her total telecom costs, she gave me an overview of how they tracked charges. During this part of our conversation, she casually mentioned the “miscellaneous telecom” entry in her financial reports. Knowing the answer in advance, I asked her what charges made up that total. She was not able to tell me what that number represented other than it was a “catch all” for the charges that did not get applied to a particular office. The “misc. telecom” total was about 30% of her entire telecom spend. Needless to say, this makes it virtually impossible to manage these costs.

If you have read any of the other posts within this blog, you already know that I am a very large proponent of total telecom management and the visibility that it provides to manage telecom expenses. With that in mind, I proudly state that my customers do not have a “miscellaneous telecom” entry in their financial reporting. With our TMaaS platform that my customers use to manage their telecom spend, every inventory item from their MPLS network all the way down to each calling card, gets a cost center and G/L code assigned to it. These codes stay with the inventory items and only need to be entered once. If a new item is added and the customer forgets to assign the G/L coding, the software will produce an error code when the customer uploads their bill into their A/P system. Once the coding is added the customer can click one button and upload their entire bill to their A/P system with every item is in its appropriate place. Net result: NO “Miscellaneous Telecom” Charges

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