Is Your Gatekeeper Costing You Money?

I am supposed to write about lowering telecom costs. However, as I began to write, I felt compelled to discuss a different topic. The real challenge with telecom expense management the is not the availability of products and services but the accessibility of the people who need them.

I hear there is a recession, I see the un-employment numbers rise month after month yet I am finding it harder and harder to speak directly to a financial decision maker. The reason this is troubling to me is that I save companies money. A lot of money! I appreciate that they can’t possibly talk with every sales call that finds their way to them but how much money could that be costing them? Whether your gatekeepers are staff members, department heads or receptionists, they should screen these calls more proactively so the real money savers can get through.

There are many areas in telecom that can cost unnecessary money and many fine companies and highly experienced professionals that can address savings, big savings. Yes it takes time; yes it takes resources, but the bigger the spending, the more opportunity for savings. Here are two easy questions your gatekeeper could ask to save you money.

What is your service? – If the person on the other end of the line can’t quickly articulate that, screen away, end of conversation. If their answer indicates cost savings, ask the next question.

Why do you think you can save us money? – Again, a true professional, with proven cost savings will be prepared for this question and able to respond quickly and concisely.

If they can answer those two questions satisfactorily, don’t you owe it to your employees, stock holders and the economy as a whole to pursue the conversation further?

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