The Telecom Management Test Drive

In the business world you rarely see a no-brainer decision. In the world of telecom, a no-brainer decision is like a Cubs World Series victory. I believe that I can show you a true no-brainer.

Let me set the stage. You run the IT department for a company with 150 locations across the country. Once a month (they never seem to skip one) the mailman shows up with a canvas bag full of telecom bills from the likes of AT&T, Qwest, Verizon and the other usual suspects. Now the fun begins. These 150 bills get dropped on someone’s desk and they start the process of getting them into accounting to be paid….hopefully on time. In today’s economy, paying too much for network services is one thing, but paying late fees due to poor internal processes is ridiculous. Agreed? The bills start their life in little piles broken down by the region that they represent. The next step is to get them coded to the proper departments and cost centers. I don’t need to elaborate on this painful ordeal. You know how bad it can be.

As you may have expected, I have a better way. I didn’t think it up or have anything to do with its design or development. I just happen to believe in it. So, here’s the pitch: We sell network services and offer a TEM (Telecom Expense Management) solution to our customers. Let’s say that of your 150 locations, you have an MPLS network, a bunch of PRI circuits and several internet T1’s. Although you can lower your monthly costs of these circuits and get some amazing visibility into that top 5 operating expense, we will leave those alone for this conversation. Let’s get back to the 150 bills from “The Phone Company” for your analog lines. What if you could do this?

  • Consolidate all of those locations to a single monthly bill
  • Have the ability to break out any single location and retrieve their bill
  • Have a web portal to manage the master bill and the bills that make it up
  • Have each bill come PRE CODED for department and G/L allocation
  • Have a global inventory of every (yes EVERY) line in your company
  • Download that inventory to Excel for use in your company
  • Eliminate the “misc telecom” charges on your financials
  • Know every contract term, contract date and provider of the lines
  • See every minute of long distance or look at the global reports
  • See every trouble ticket, open order, disconnect and billing inquiry
  • No new installation or cutover. A completely transparent billing change

Trust me when I say, I could go on, but I felt that the point had been made. Now I assume that you are asking yourself, “how is this a no-brainer” decision? All of that sounds amazing but it also sounds expensive. The simple truth is that you can have all of this and more by moving your AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Bell South, Ameritech lines to vCom Solutions for the grand total of NOT ONE PENNY MORE THAN YOU PAY NOW.

I like to think of it as the “ultimate telecom management test drive”. Convert your lines, use the tool, see how you like it and there is zero risk and no charge. No Brainer?

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